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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Hello Jimbo! Thanks for the eloquent passage of hope and love. Our world has a beginning and an end, and the author of this story certainly knows how it goes! Here are three diverse yet practical things that may help those under this kind of oppression:
1) Spin programming: Blue Angel, you mentioned blurry vision; the newly acknowledged form of program called "Spinning" can be used to trigger nausea, dizziness, etc. as part of shutdown or secrecy suggestion.
2) I agree with your comment about feelings being intertwined. One of the things used on me was the binding of two or more emotions together. For instance, for sexual fidelity, they can bind fear to erotic arousal. When someone programmed this way feels erotic urges, the fear is triggered automatically and overpowers the erotic urge. Another one: anger and guilt. How many times did your abusers tell you to feel guilty, especially about being angry? Well, the guilt binds the anger, which in turn amplifies the guilt, and before long they feed off each other, but it all stays inside. This powerful suppression program can be used to make you enraged at the drop of a hat.
3) Beware of color programming, too. For instance, "You are pure white like the snow in winter. . . come in out of the cold", etc. Another is GRAY: just as the gray clouds cover the sun so that you can't see it directly, so someone going GRAY can successfully hide all emotions, intentions, and thoughts from an observer or interrogator.
Glad to meet you , Jim. Later.
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