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The taller of the other two has been identified as Charles Harrelson, father of TV actor Woody Harrelson.

Barbara Walters Interview, aired March,'97.

Intro: Woody Harrelson grew up in Texas and Ohio, the troubled middle child of three brothers, W. was a self-described momma's boy, he didn't have an alternative, his father was twice convicted of murder and is still in prison, it was a difficult upbringing at best, however he eventually stopped acting out and started acting.
B. You know, you've had so much in your own childhood that most kids never have to face. It's fairly well known, if anyone has read anything about you or talked to you, that when you were seven years old, your father went off to prison, convicted of murder. Tell me how you feel today, what the story is today.

W. Well, he is in prison right now for the killing of a federal judge,

W. (with gravity) I think that it was not a fair trial, especially because the guy who supposedly hired my father to commit the murder was later acquitted--on a retrial.

B. Woody, do you think your father is innocent of that second murder? That's what I've heard..

W. I'm not saying my father's a saint, but I think he's innocent of that, yeah..

B. Are you trying to have the case opened up--trying to have it investigated, trying to set him free?

W. Well, let's put it this way--I haven't given up hope.

B. Hmm..You said once that you thought your father was a CIA operative--yes?

W. Yeah he was ..

B. How do you know? What proof?

W. Ah see I shouldn't get into this right now. This is where we're gonna get into trouble.

B. But this is something that you feel and that you're trying to work on?

W. I know it's true, but ah you know...(shrugging)

B. Does it make a difference?

W. That he was trained by the CIA? Yeah I think it makes a difference, yeah..

Charles Harrelson in 1982.
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