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The Third Tramp

Charles Frederick Rogers, wanted in Houston TX for killing and dismembering both his parents in 1965, the press dubbed the killings The Ice Box Murders.

The young Charles Frederick Rogers pictured above, in graduation robes and in Navy uniform.

The man at left taken in New Orleans when LHO was distributing pamphlets on behalf of the CIA front Fair Play for Cuba Committee, has the same stooped profile, and an identical hairline to the third tramp's hairline in the pic above left center, which resembles the hairline on the left side of the sailors face.


By John Nova Lomax in Crime, Houston 101, Aug. 6 2009 ​

On June 23 1965, a concerned relative of elderly couple Fred C. and Edwina Rogers, asked the Houston police to check on the couple, after they hadn't answered the phone for a few days.​

Houston cop C.M. Bullock, and his partner forced their way into the locked house at 1815 Driscoll in Montrose, and found the the heads, legs and torsos of Mr. and Mrs. Rogers inside their refrigerator.

Fred Rogers had been beaten to death with a hammer and his eyes had been gouged out, his wife had a single bullet wound to the head, both had been dismembered in a bathroom, some of their innards and sex organs were later found in a nearby sewer line, the rest of their remains were never found.

A blood trail led to the bedroom of their reclusive 43 year old son Charles Frederick Rogers, a Navy veteran and UH educated seismologist, who had suddenly quit his job, and mysteriously disappeared several years before.

Neighbors said that his only communication with his parents, came in the form of notes shoved under the door of his attic bedroom, where police also found a blood stained keyhole saw.
John R. Craig and A. Rogers Phillip, authors of a 1992 book, claim Rogers was a hit man for the CIA, who along with Charles Harrelson's and E Howard Hunt, were the Grassy Knoll gunmen of JFK assassination lore.

In 1975 Charles Frederick Rogers, was ruled legally dead by Judge Arthur C. Lesher.
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