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Default Who's Who on the Grassy Knoll..

911 was not the only outrage carried out in broad daylight on American soil - Another was the killing of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas Texas, on 22 November 1963.

Lethal gunfire came from two directions on the GK, the red spot shows the location of the weapon fired from behind the picket fence some meters past the corner, positively identified as a "Short Sam" version of an AR 15 rifle..

In the super enhanced pic a la the Badgeman pic below that has disappeared from the internet, which also positively identifies the third tramp Charles Frederick Rogers as the gunman, the "pinwheel" pattern is where the flash dissipated thru the flash hider at the muzzle.

The figures behind the shooter are Martin Luther and Coretta King!

Download The Moorman Polaroid large file,

Then use the above negative image as a guide, search for the "pinwheel" pattern, then use photo enhancement software to enlarge and process the image to see the MLK's faces emerge, good software will show the raised foresight of the "Shorty" AR 15, and will positively identify Charles Frederick Rogers, the "third tramp" as the shooter!
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