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This is the original pic taken that day, called the Moorman Polaroid..

Computer enhancement of the corner of the rotunda wall revealed a uniformed figure believed to be Gordon H Arnold talking into a hand held radio..

To this man believed to be Lucien Sarti a Corsican adventurer, accomplice of the so named Umbrella Man whose raised umbrella signaled the shooters, to Arnold's left a uniformed policeman wearing glasses, thought to be Dallas Police Officer Joseph Smith fires a shotgun - Cecil B de Mille could be the figure wearing glasses with "Krusty the Clown" hair to his left. Update: Cecil B de Mille died 21 January 1959, in Hollywood.

Left: Ed Hoffman, above: the Hoffmans in Dealey Plaza November 22 2003. The next figure seen in profile has the same shoulders as deaf mute Ed Hoffman who claims to have been there, the face looking over his right shoulder looks like his wife.

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