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Barry Jennings and Michael Hess were ordered to proceed to the 23rd floor of WTC 7, when all others had evacuated after receiving warnings that the structure was about to collapse, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is the only one with sufficient authority to give such an order.. so why did he want both men dead!

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Update: In this video, Mr Jennings says he could have been mistaken regarding his earlier statement, that the foyer of WTC 7 was littered with dead bodies.

Lieutenant Robert D. Cirri, Port Authority Police Department 39 years of age, reports say Mr Cirri gathered a group of fellow officers, then led an expedition into the North Tower to try and help people, and he lost his own life when that structure collapsed.

The video also shows a hooded man in a bullet resistant vest marked Secret Service and Police, in the first floor foyer, as well there is a cop and another person at ground level adjacent to the lower entrance, with clothing marked ATF! .. The hooded stranger in the pic above sure resembles Mr Cirri, if it is then the report that he died during the collapse of the NT is false.

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