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Jim Slade told the special GJC Inquiry, chaired by Judge Kimmins, convened in response to the taped killing allegations, that while he was a policeman in 1985, he witnessed murder as described, when he attended a viewing of the tape, in company with other police.. the official police response, is that Slade is lying.

In July 1998, we contacted the Kimmins Inquiry, Counsel disclaimed knowledge of the tape, the ABC aired 25 August 1997, and says one should depose in writing, the claim one had seen the TV news reports as described, submit it to the Kimmins inquiry c/o The CJC, and they would "have a look at it."

Nothing was ever done, the Judge engaged in semantic discourse over the "Terms of Reference," the media swallowed it, and the political and media hierarchy turned away.

Des Sturgess & Neville Harper

The Sturgess Inquiry, under Police Minister Neville Harper in 1984, first raised the snuff issue, Harper went on TV, and told the world that the reports were "harrowing," and reported that the movie was reproduced, by simply filming the television set showing the original film!

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