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Phnom Penh, Cambodia 15 February 2005: Mossad operative Zev Barkan, and his accomplice Anthony David Resnick, a thirty five year old native New Zealander, family man, and former St John Ambulance paramedic, who spent some time working in Israel, made snuff movies in the Mekong River town of Pen Yauin, in Cambodia.


What Were The Mossad, and Fake New Zealand Passports Doing in Iraq? By Jerry Mazza 8-8-8

Mossad has a history of using fake passports in black ops.. in 2004, New Zealand authorities became aware of a covert operation, mounted by Israel's external Intelligence agency, Mossad, to secure NZ passports, which are keenly sought after, by those who seek hasslefree entry to most countries.

Mossad has a long track record, of using fraudulently obtained passports of friendly counties, such as Canada, for its agents to commit crimes, including several murders, in countries throughout the world.

The spy ring, consisted of at least three Mossad agents working from Australia, it later emerged that Australia secretly expelled an Israeli diplomat, as a result of this scandal in NZ, and one New Zealand Jew.

The ringleader, a Mossad agent, and the New Zealander got away to Israel, the other two Eli Cara and Uriel Kelman, were arrested in the act of accepting delivery of a fraudulently obtained NZ passport.

Deep throat in Iraq
According to a reliable source, these Mossad fake New Zealand Passports, then showed up in Iraq. That source's source is inside the G2 Intelligence section, of one of the commanding armies in Baghdad.

Some of the solders caught these Mossads, with the New Zealand Passports on them, they were subsequently ordered to be let go .. the plot thickens.

They had high powered sniper rifles, killing American soldiers to 'aid and abet' the illusion, that America was fighting a legitimate war in Iraq? I repeat, that the Mossad agents were assassinating American soldiers, to support the illusion America was fighting a legitimate war in Iraq.

These Mossad agents were caught with IEDs, (Improvised Explosive Devices), according to our source, and very sophisticated detonation devices, to kill American soldiers and otherwise set off "terrorist bomber" bombs, anywhere they wanted those bombs to go off.
See Online Journal ... 3546.shtml Paul Craig Roberts Are You Ready to Face the Facts About Israel?

These Mossad members were caught red handed, by our red blooded American solders, just as the British SAS soldiers, were caught with a carload of IEDs and detonation devices, doing the same awful thing in the Basra area. Both sets of events were hushed up in the news. Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer living in New York City. Reach him at

The Crest Hotel in Brisbane

Personal note.. 1972 a friend of mine met a Jewish chick at a party, Saturday afternoon days later, at the underground public bar of the Crest Hotel in Brisbane, some of her friends came in.. he said one of them makes blue movies, and had inquired as to whether he wished to appear in one.

He was solidly built, stretchin' to make middle height, somewhat florid urbanely disposed individual, who was on his way to the Gold Coast, 100 k south of Brisbane to make movies.. must have been Barkan, there was a blowy lookin' chick with them.

They were accompanied by a man, that I recognized as an ambulance man, I now know to be Eli Cara aka Anthony David Resnick, and know that he is in the movie snippert, Young hosted on the ABC News in 1997, in company with the young person he said was slain.

They never stayed long, Cara appeared to be on a steroids program at the time, the prior acquaintanceship with him, was a couple of chance meetings in the workplace.

Friend's girlfriend, indicated that they were on their way to shoot footage even as they departed, her demeanor suggested dark deeds were afoot.. it is not uncommon, for professional photographers to use similar riverside locations, so maybe that was the day they made the movie, on the river bank at St Lucia.

His name is Leo Tori, she was Jackie Kaffyn now Tori, since it seems unlikely, that she would set her intended spouse up for a snuff killing, I can only assume that I was the intended target, they had the young person with them, when he went to go into the pub with them, Barkan told him to go back to the car!

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