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Originally Posted by Fahrenheit 912 View Post
I don't know why it is, but as abrasive as you are. I actually seem to like you for some reason. Call it a crazed infatuation.

I don't know exactly where you live - upstate New York I think I heard you once say...

Now I am being quite serious....There is a catastrophic national political struggle taking place in the country at this time and an impending armed conflict is looming over the horizon. You need to gather up enough food to last you a good six months to a year... dried foods.... canned foods - foods that can be kept without freezing or refrigeration. Also, you need to have long term access to a sanitary supply of water, and a way of heating your house during extreme cold - preferably a wood stove with a griddle (for cooking) backed up by maybe some kerosene heaters. All of this assumes that you will be without power, natural gas, and heating oil for an indefinate period of time. Also, several weapons (rifles, shotguns and pistols) with an ample supply of ammunition are required - along with the ability and fortitude to use them in an emergency situation.

If you have close friends or family living out in the country and they're willing to take you in, take your family and stash and head for the hills. Things will be relatively safe there, and there's strength in numbers. You won't have to worry about urban food riots. Also, make sure your vehicle(s) are filled with gasoline and only use them when absolutely necessary, as gasoline will be scarce for a long time. And don't travel far, or better don't travel at all.

Again, I am being mighty god-damned serious.

You see, recent tumult in the Middle-East, most of these suppossed "natural" and other disasters that are taking place on an almost daily basis here and throughout the rest of the world are actually part of an ongoing, surreptitious war being waged by opposing political forces in the United States. Such forces are utilizing extraordinarily unconventional and covert weapons of mass destruction and sophisticated methods of mass population mind control to kill scores of unknowing, innocent people and cause untold billions of dollars in property damage worldwide. This war is now raging out of control and is about to break the surface as a full-fledged armed conflict.

So who are these "political forces" so mentioned? In the US, elements of the bloodthirsty political Far Right with links to the Republican Party and the various intelligence agencies (CIA, NSA), are now rising up against an increasingly pathological and pernicious American Zionist cultural/political infrastructure, mostly seen as represented by the Democratic Party. These are the two potent, powerful political forces at play here. These are the two trains colliding head- on in the middle of the night.

I don't see anything good coming from this - at all. I do not see any peaceful resolution to this conflict. I am only posting at this time to warn you and anyone else who happens to stumble upon this thread about what appears to be an upcoming, unthinkable national tragedy...

Because you're a LIAR and I call you on it doesn't make me abrasive.

It makes you a LIAR.

Who cares if you know where I live and, yeah, I agree with you.

Some sort of crazed infatuation.

Get over it!

And, because you lied about having received a first and second download from me, anything you write can be considered lies, as well!

Talk about being "Your Own Worst Enemy."

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