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Default Re: Gov controlling conspiracies through CIA and ATS

Originally Posted by TheSkepticGuy View Post
Apologies, but I think you are.

The common Internet meme: "Don't feed the trolls," was the reference when referring to your "troll food" in regards to your request for a response.
Sorry, but you would be the one who is confused.

Just becaue someone requests a reply from a poster on this forum doesn't indicate that they are feeding the trolls.

Seems to me that the troll has vanished because he couldn't answer my question.

Hence, the reason I feed the trolls.

They disappear.

Just so you know, we here at CC don't care about your opinion as to how the MODERATOR of this forum operates.

Please go back to your ATS forum.

You're not wanted here.

I really don't want to ban you, but since you don't add anything to this forum other than distracting us from important matters, which don't involve your forum, I feel compelled to do so.

Any last words?

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