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Default A Cruise Missile slammed into the Pentagon on 911

The missile strike is at 1 minute 09 seconds of the above 3m 42s video, which also has footage of a cruise missile in American Airlines livery being loaded onto a B52 Bomber, another version of the same photo without the AA paint, turned up in a 2003 Joe Vialls story titled .. CIA False Flag Attack on Kuwaiti Shopping Mall

The bystander's eyes in the upper shot have been blacked over proving the photo has been shopped, however it could have been done to confuse the fact that the AA paint has been shopped out of the lower shot. The actual missile that hit the building had a pointier nose than the one above, which does however illustrate that "they," have no qualms about disguising attack drones and missiles, as civilian aircraft!

Looks like the cruiser had a device that homed in on the laser spot!

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