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Default Re: Gov controlling conspiracies through CIA and ATS

Originally Posted by TheSkepticGuy View Post
Not trolling. Merely responding to unfounded accusations and lies posted by others. I've never done anything other than that on CC.
I'll be the judge and jury regarding whether or not you are a troll.

In that respect, I have ascertained that I think you're trolling along with the other members of this forum who are members of your forum and come here complaining about your site.

We, here at CC have no interest about ATS and anything that happens on that forum.

I thought I made myself clear regarding this matter, but apparently there are those who refuse to comprenhend my statements.

So, I'll say it again.

We, here at CC have no interest in the ATS forum and what transpires there and we would appreciate it if you would reveal your grieveances about that forum at that forum at not here at CC.

Like I said previously, we can't help you.


Any future threads and/or comments about ATS will be deleted.

Your CC Moderator,

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