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Default Re: The 1958 takeover of the Catholic Church (rare footage)

Thanks for watching Osho. If you take anything away from the film I hope it is the realization that the people running the Catholic Church are not Catholic. Nor will people get the true teaching of the Church if they approach a priest or enter a Catholic Church.

Now, I know you said you don't like the Catholic Church, and i understand there were bad individuals in positions of power in the church, but there Catholic teachings remained the same pretty much from the apostles until 1958.

BTW I did read a book by Osho back in the day, finding the bull, or controlling the bull or something like that. Another book that I read was "The Handbook to Higher Consciousness" by Ken Keys Jr. Out of all the books on religion and spirituality that I read before returning the Catholic Church that was the best one.

I don't know if you have kids or not, but that was the big turning point for me. The books above a had a lot of appeal when I was a single man but when it came to marriage, children and family I needed something more concrete with fixed rules, absolute morality, etc.
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