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Default Re: The 1958 takeover of the Catholic Church (rare footage)

Well it's nice to have a civil exchange with someone who has a different belief system. I'll agree that it is very difficult to accept the resurection and the the virgin birth coming from a materialist standpoint (I'm not saying your a materialist). For me it wasn't until I began to pray that I felt a supernatural influnece in my life, I'm sure you've heard the song amazing grace, well I didn't understand what grace was until I experienced it. I didn't truly believe these things for a long time but didn't want to reject the faith of my ancestors, I often found myself asking for confirmation, wanting to believe but unconvinced. About 6 years ago after reciting the Rosary 3 or 4 times I began to undergo a genuine conversion. This is just my story, it's all I can say.
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