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Default Zoie

Important things about me:

1. I believeJesus is Christ, I believe the Bible to be 100% true and I try to live by it. My goal is to be a worthy servant of God. He has done all things, and I wish to be with him for eternity.

2. I have strong opinions. I like to come up with theories about the unknown. I appreciate the fact that God left some things out.

My present personal theory about the world in a nut shell: We are living in a very controlled society. We are not as free as we were taught. History has been hidden, knowledge is rare, drugs (or poison) have entered our food, the few that design our society can not be trusted. Greed is the root of the issue. Technology is dangerous in the wrong hands. The world gets worse daily. And (this one is not a theory) one day God is going to remove evil from existence.

I like to write better than I like to talk, at least for right now.

Tribulation Is Now
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