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Default Re: The 1958 takeover of the Catholic Church (rare footage)

Originally Posted by Clairveaux View Post
Before 1958, the number of perverted priests was about on par with any other profession, teachers, social workers, policemen, etc

To answer you're question though.
Abortion, when did abortion become legal in the united states, early 70s?
It was well after 1958, I can tell you that much. To this day catholic hospitals do not perform abortion, and most of the pro-life groups are Catholic.

Porn? That's easy, look up the Legion of Decency. No movie theater in the US would dare play a movie that wasn't approved by The Legion of Decency.

Divorce was illegal in Argentina and 1954 President Peron tried to allow it, he was excommunicted by Pius Xii which led to a popular uprising, and Peron's ouster.

There are a few examples.

You didn't answer my question.

You said that before 1958 when the Catholic Church was usurped, they effectively handled abortion, divorce, pornography, etc.

I asked you how they did this?

Your comment didn't answer my question.

The following is what you wrote:


"Since 1958 however, despite the numbers, the institution has been largely ineffective in combating the social ills they had so effectively handled for centuries. Abortion, pornography, divorce, obscenity all became prominent after the papal chair was usurped in 1958."


Do you see that what you have written doesn't make any sense nor does your comment to the question I posed to you?

I'll ask you again.

How is it that the Catholic Church, before 1958 when it was usurped effectively handled abortion, pornography, divorce, etc.?

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