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Yes I feel like the tribulation is going on right now, a lot of christians believe that we'll be raptured up before the tribulation (thats what I was raised to believe) But after reading the book for myself, I find it suggest that we'll be raptured after the tribulation not before. I think we're going to experience persecution in the near future. There are already wars and rumors of wars, famine, and pestolinces. Not to mention earthquakes in different places.

And yes I believe the book of revelations, (my fav book actually)

Not everyone believes in God, I think it's because we, as humans, depend on our own reasoning capacity to decide between truth and fantasy. But it is impossible to depend on our own intellect to confirm that God is real. He is too great for our understanding. As far as the bible, I've had my doubts too in the past. I was raised in the church and when I became old enough to really think for myself I had a lot of questions I wanted answers to, answers I felt like the church wouldn't or couldn't give. So i basically, decided the bible wasnt completely true and I stayed away from God, stopped praying like I was taught, didn't try to get in touch with the holy spirit in church. And once I got a job and started working on sundays, it was a wrap. . .But one day God came back to get me, I had no say so in the situation. He completely removed me from the people that were around me, influencing me. And I was forced into a state of solitude. I had nobody to turn to, so I remembered God. I began talking with him and he healed me (I was hurt from losing all my friends in the way that I did), and then I began reading the bible, and then I began praying, and then I began to ask God to begin a work in me; to begin changing me, my heart and mind. I began to ask him to reteach me everything I thought I knew, and to teach me the way he wanted me to be, not the way the church wanted me to be. I know God is real for myself now, because I have my own testimony and my own experience with him. I think people in doubt need to ask god to reveal Himself to them in a way that they can see. Seek and ye shall find ya know? ... man I didn't mean to type so much.
Tribulation Is Now
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