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Default Re: The 1958 takeover of the Catholic Church (rare footage)

Originally Posted by Clairveaux View Post
Divorce: Until 1958 divorce was illegal in most Catholic countries. President Peron of Argentina tried to allow divorce and was excommunicated by Pius XII, a popular uprising followed and Peron was removesd from office.

Pornography: The Legion of decency was a Catholic organization that approved or disapproved of movies, no theatre would dare play movies not approved by this group as the theatre would be boycotted. This result was that many beautiful movies were produced, Ben Hur, the Sound of mUSIC, A Man for all Seasons, etc

Abortion: Abortion was Illegal until 1973 (roe vs Wade) In Catholic countries like Ireland it is still illegal, Catholic hospitals do not perform abortions, most of the pro-life groups today are Catholic. In 1958, it would have been unthinkable that abortion would be legalized, but what did we hear from the imposter Paul VI when abortion was legalized in America? Absolutely nothing!

Compare that with the actions of his predecessor 20years earlier with the legalization of divorce in Argentina.

Hope this answers your question.
Sorry, but I don't believe, as you do, that the Catholic Church had much influence in controlling abortion, pornography and/or divorce in the past and/or present as you do.

Medically, safe and sound abortions were not even developed during the time period in which you say the Catholic Church was controlling them and divorce, as far as I know it, has never been illegal; only within the Catholic Church, as you say so and I'll take your word for it even though you haven't provided any evidence.

Sounds completely ridiculous to me; your statement that the Catholic Church approved or disapproved pornographic movies.

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