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Hi Born_To_Die -

I agree. To my mind, this is THE topic worthy of debate.

Not once, in the entire history of UK TV or Radio Broadcasting, has there ever been a programme made about :

* The origins and history of the Bank Of England
* The Rothschilds and why they are encamped in the UK and why they (used to) set the daily gold price
* The "City Of London" and why it has the greatest number of secret societies to be found anywhere in the world and why the Queen can't enter it without approval from "The Lord Mayor Of The City"
* The true history of Cecil Rhodes, his Round Table fantasy and the twonks that worked with him
* Zionism being a satanic cult as established by the "Club of the Isles" inbred, dentally challenged tosspots out of London
* Why Income Tax is a diversionary tactic to make sure people do not find out about the other way (fiat, central bank created money issued out of thin air) that Govts create money
* The Bilderberegers
* Why Tony "Sanctimonious" Blair suddenly was propelled to prominence after his attendance at the 1992 Bildeberg shindig
* Why Henry Kissinger is the biggest mass murderer in human history and one of the greatest enemies the Jews have ever had
* Why the Rothschilds are the Vatican's bankers
* Where Money actually comes from
* Where Money actually comes from
* Where Money actually comes from

You get my drift.

We need to find independent TV production companies, make these programmes and distribuet via DVD at the least - and, of course, the DVD's can only be bought using PEOPLE'S MONEY. We will not accept FRN's etc.

\"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.\" - Buckminster Fuller.
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