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Default Re: David Cameron Uk prime minster related to royal family.

Originally Posted by judasfeast View Post
a lot of forums are plagued by people who ridicule what is posted without any shred of evidence, which is annoying because its childish and a waste of time. BA may have wanted to stir things up, as after all this forum is fairly inactive compared to others, but their is no excuse for what he wrote. If BA is unaware of the laughable standard of journalism in the UK(and elsewhere) then he should not have commented in the manner he did as it revealed his immaturity! If I make a comment on something I will do so only if I have knowledge on the subject, or if necessary I will research the matter prior to posting a comment.
The UK Column can be purchased directly from their website, as well as by snail mail. Friends of mine purchase 50 0r 100 each month and give away as many copies as they can!
BA is the moderator of this forum, dude, and, therefore, my presence here is not to stir things up.

It is to make sure that people like you don't stir things up without a shred of evidence.

To whom are you referencing when you say that there is no excuse for what HE wrote?

Oh, yes, oh, my, how horrible it was that which he wrote and I'm certain, because of it, the pot has been stirred and the activity on this forum will increase because of a thread about someone in the UK being related to the ROYAL family and the comment that HE made about it.


As if anyone cares.

And, what was it that HE wrote that was so horrible and which, according to you, there is is no excuse for such a statement?


I'm not a HE and don't tell me how I should and shouldn't reply.

I don't care one bit about the UK and/or their journalism and, if you recall, my comment was poking fun at the laughable manner of the UK's journalism.

I do my research, pal, and, apparently, you don't.

I'm not a HE.

I don't moderate this forum in order to stir things up because, in your opinion, it's fairly inactive, compared to other forums.

We like the activity here at CC.

This is a warning to you.

DO NOT accuse me of that which is false, or I will ban you so you can go to the other forums where there is more activity instead of hanging around here and trying to stir things up.


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