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Default Re: David Cameron Uk prime minster related to royal family.

BA is the moderator of this forum, dude, and, therefore, my presence here is not to stir things up.

But BA you do stir things up! Your gift is as a comedian though as you've made me laugh! The evidence is here on this forum of how you fail to deal with issues in a manner appropriate for a moderator!

It is to make sure that people like you don't stir things up without a shred of evidence.

The UK Column is the only newspaper in the UK which backs up its reports with factual evidence, so BA, the research for that statement is researched and backed up.

To whom are you referencing when you say that there is no excuse for what HE wrote?

Oh, yes, oh, my, how horrible it was that which he wrote and I'm certain, because of it, the pot has been stirred and the activity on this forum will increase because of a thread about someone in the UK being related to the ROYAL family and the comment that HE made about it.


As if anyone cares.

You wrote something which was not factual! YOU failed dude not me! Get your facts straight, if you can!

And, what was it that HE wrote that was so horrible and which, according to you, there is is no excuse for such a statement?

You know BA, surely? Go read the post again, the penny will drop! A clue - THE UK COLUMN


I'm not a HE and don't tell me how I should and shouldn't reply.

So your a woman! I got your gender wrong! WOW! Get over it dude! Not a major insult!

I don't care one bit about the UK and/or their journalism and, if you recall, my comment was poking fun at the laughable manner of the UK's journalism.

The world's media is laughable BA, not just the UK's! Its a disease!

I do my research, pal, and, apparently, you don't.

I do my research. Plenty of it! You don't, obviously!

I'm not a HE.

Already answered that!

I don't moderate this forum in order to stir things up because, in your opinion, it's fairly inactive, compared to other forums.

But you do stir things up BA! Their isn't much activity as a result though, but hey, life goes on!

We like the activity here at CC.

Happy for you then BA!

This is a warning to you.

A warning! WOW! How pathetic! BA, this is your standard response and this reveals how pathetic your moderating skills are! You come across as a spoilt child who can't get her own way!

DO NOT accuse me of that which is false, or I will ban you so you can go to the other forums where there is more activity instead of hanging around here and trying to stir things up.


You wrote unfounded comments, which are FALSE! Ban me if it makes you feel better! Again, you show yourself as a rank amateur without a clue as how to moderate. I am not here to stir things up BA, this is a FALSE claim on your part! Read my post and see the evidence!

You'll ban me either way BA.


Osho - Priests and Politicians are the Mafia of the Soul.

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