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Default Re: What Has Britain Become? Pt1 - Who We Are

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WHO WE ARE - Part 1 of 4 -
Ashley Mote :
Journalist turned businessman turned author. Now a regular columnist, broadcaster and political campaigner. Special interest in British constitutional history.
In 1972 he started his own international marketing business, helping major industrial companies to increase their export business. At one time the company had offices in Houston and Atlanta, USA, Geneva and London. The Tory government's foolhardy attempt to shadow the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) in the late 1980s and early 1990s ultimately forced interest rates to 15% and destroyed Ashley Mote's business, along with over 100,000 others.
Having had a bitter first-hand experience of the damage the ERM could do, when his international marketing business was destroyed by it's policies in the 1990's, Ashley started researching the European Union. This led to his book Vigilance -- A Defence of British Liberty. Vigilance is one of the fastest-selling books about the EU ever published. His second political book, OverCrowded Britain is about the UK's immigration crisis, and was published in 2003.
Recently Ashley Mote has written two pamphlets, thousands of which have been circulated all over the world. J'Accuse...! was published in 2007, and We Want Our Country Back at the end of 2008.
From 2004 to 2009 he sat in the EU parliament as an independent member of the European Parliament, free to fight for the early withdrawal of the UK from the European Union and the restoration of government of the British by the British for the British.
"I was one of the few people ever to seek elected political office with the sole intention of putting myself out of a job. I was a turkey voting for Christmas. Sadly, the battle has not yet been won, and others have now taken my place. But win we will."
Married with two adult children, Ashley Mote is the author of several other books, including The Glory Days of Cricket, which won the Cricket Society Literary Award in 1997.
He is a member of the Hambledon Club and a Freeman of the City of London. His other interests include music, the theatre, good company and rugby
Don't know what Britain has become and I don't care.

That about sums up my interest regarding this subject.
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