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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Anecdote From A Mind-Control Subject - :-o :-o :-o

The Gifted Children

From: Jack Sarfatti

Date: 04/07/05 18:47:10

To: Hank Harrison

Subject: Re: MK Ultra , UFOs, in the guise of Creative Enrichment & Schwartz

On Apr 7, 2005, at 8:15 AM, Hank Harrison wrote:

Just finished Fastwalker Pdf and liked your analysis. Sometimes universes really are parallel. In June of 1953, I was enrolled on campus at Berkeley in a gifted children program conducted under an alias as a study of creativity. I was not aware of a similar Cornell program until today. There must also have been others. I was 13 when I attended Berkley. I started regular high school the following September. I am now 64 years old.

The Berkley program was run by a psychologist named Frank Barron, I met Frank Barron with Tim Leary and I think Saul-Paul Sirag at UCSC in ~ 1976. Frank was a major player in CIA MK Ultra. Tim and he openly talked about it as I recall. Certainly Tim told me for sure. I also met Robin Williams with Tim back in the 1980s. BTW the late George Koopman DIA Spook was with John Belushi night he OD'd. George told me. He may have also told Saul-Paul? Koopman funded my PCRG and was Tim Leary's control when he was let out of prison and came directly to our PCRG Esalen in Big Sur from which Gary Zukav, my North Beach room-mate, wrote "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" that sold millions of copies. I wrote all the technical stuff for Gary.

The kids were all about 12-15 and some spoke no English. It is the first time I met people my own age who spoke no English. But I was tested continually from 4th grade on. My dad was getting his PhD in Physical Education at Berkley and Cal Poly at the time, so I was somehow picked out or was volunteered, as my dad often brought me with him the year before. I was, they thought, athletically gifted because I broke a swimming record at age 12, but I thought it was no big deal.

More importantly the staff (one to one ratio) treated all of the kids like rock stars. We ate with the athletes on Pappy Waldorf's famed football championship teams and had access to vitamin pills. No big deal. My dad befriended a star fullback named Johnny Oshevsky (sp) he went pro and they called him Johnny O. The national American shot put man had no place to live so he commuted with us and moved in, used to toss the 16 pounder in our backyard in Castro Valley. Pardoxical eh?

I remember getting IQ tests almost every day. But my Iq was never higher than 127, never tested as a genius or anything higher than Bright Normal or low superior. (Benet rating). Years later I came to find out they were interested in my Photographic memory, (semi-eidetic) which I didn't even know I had at the time. Everyday we were trotted around to some esoteric site on Cal campus. Especially the art galleries where we were taken to architectual lectures and slide shows. I remember watching a French artist, Ferdinand Leger, discuss his art and I understood every word of it. Leger was at Berkley Fine Arts at the time.

Other tours took us to the Cyclotron. When it was running, it shook the ground all over campus. We also took tours to the Campanile, saw the the Bones and skulls stored inside the Campanile, and got to press the levers that played the bells. This was before the suicide restraints were erected, so you could actually look over and see the view. We also visited chemo labs and could go anywhere we wanted until our folks took us home from Sather Gate. This was, I guess, what is now called an enrichment program, but I got the distinct impression I was being studied.

My troubles started coming in from the anxiety of the cognitive dissonance that cropped up when I was plunged back into regular school. My family hated blacks and Jews, I did not. Here is were our paths cross again, because ironically Steve Schwartz, you mentioned, had a lawyer named Carlos Bea, this was the son of my Freshman high school English teacher State Assembly head Carlos Bea. Bea and my dad were practicing Freemasons and avowed anti-Semite fascists. In fact, that whole country club crowd and the Shriners from the AAmes temple in Oakland, comprised a nest of practicing Nazis and are still in control though their brainwashed children. I guess I was a big disappointment. I even dropped out of DeMolay.

I know Carlos Bea. I met a top Iran-Contra at his Bolinas house with Stephen Schwartz and Kim Burrafato in the mid-80's. Carlos was not there. Steve had access to his house. He always liked me and I never saw any anti-Semetism from him. He is still friendly in the Hood. I was with Lawry Chickering in Trieste 2 days ago. I did not realize that Don Rumsfeld ran ICS for as long as 3-4 years. So Steven did get to know him pretty well. Carlos Bea is Cuban and won a lawsuit against Castro.

He is now a San Francisco Superior Court Judge. So, again, all I can say is that I never detected a tinge of any anti-Jewish attitude in Carlos. He certainly knew that Stephen was half-Jewish. I am still on friendly terms with him and his wife. I was even invited to their Pacific Heights Mansion at a party back then when I was loosely associated with ICS. Carlos was member of Pumpkin Papers with Richard Nixon and he has Intel connections for sure. I think he knew the late Harold Chipman when he was in CIA? Chip was part of MKUltra - he told details to me and Kim and I think Bobby Jones.

There were about 16 kids in this group and basically we were guinea pigs. I do not recall any brainwashing, per se, although esp was part of the study. We read from books way over our heads to test reading comprehension then we wrote short stories from scratch. I had no idea I could do that at first. They then tried to set up a test between senders and receivers to see if messages from the short stories and drawings would come though to a room down the hall. This was somewhat like distant viewing that was done with the Grateful Dead under Stanley Krippner from Maimonedes Hospital in Brooklyn, Circa 1973.

Yes, so you and I about same age now were part of same project no doubt. I know Krippner of course.

After many decades I went through a kind of zen and combined psychoanalysis in Marin with Lloyd Saxton, head of the College of San Mateo, and I finally figured out what was going on. But it was clear the 1953 Berkley program was tampering with values and value training as we took the Alport- Vernon- Lindsey study of values at least once a week for the whole summer. I think they were trying to find out how values are formed in potential leadership kids and which ones would be the easiest to train. I think I was rejected because I had my own ideas.

I basically flunked high school after that earlier experience. But I was aware, over the years, of people tracking my records. My dad would fill out these little reports, like follow-up questionnaires. I wasn't even supposed to know they existed, but I often went though my dads desk looking for spare change and I found them. Perhaps I was a control? In any case its odd to see so many similar people in the Trieste Tank. By the way the photographic memory turns out to be a kind of tool for remote empathy, not remote viewing per se, but remote feeling. It comes down on the distaff or female side of the family.But it also skips. My daughter has it. My dad was a jock, and had no clue what Barron et al, was up to. Good luck in Santa Fe this year.

Hank's daughter is Courtney Love.


MK-ULTRA & The Gifted Children


J. Orlin Grabbe

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