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Default Re: Known Alien Bases?

Originally Posted by Julian Alien View Post
Another tidbit of information on the Hypogeum in Malta,7000 or so skeletons were found and then lost(tossed into the sea?).The skeletons were placed in the cave in a haphazard way,described as washed in as from a flood or escaping some other calamity.My personal theory is that it was used by some devilish cult and the skeletons belonged to the murdered.Graffiti of a fat woman with an axe is located in a chamber.The other unusual part is the shape of the 6 surviving skulls.they are elongated and one of them does not have fusion marks.The townfolk are a superstitious lot and probably know more than they are letting on,but other agencies could be responsible for the systematic destruction of ancient evidences all over Malta and Gozo which would have been connected when the temple structures were built(pre-submergence).
I have absolutely no clue what you are talking about regarding the Hypogeium in the Malta, 7000.

And, if I don't have a clue, that indicates that the rest of us, members and readers alike of this forum have not a clue either.

So, please, explain.

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