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Have you ever heard the saying that "religion and politics don't mix?"

Yes i know this Satanic slogan, the problem with today's world is they follow Extremes of right and left, so either they make a secular government (left) or a fundamentalist one (right) and both extremes are from Satan.

The only solution God provides is a balanced middle government that doesn't forget God in its decisions and doesn't use religion to control the people. Somewhere inbetween monopoly Capitalism and Communism, where neither the individual nor the society become gods.

The secular groups call for keeping God in our personal lives, which actually means marginalizing the idea of God so that Satan can govern freely. This is like asking us to have a dual personality, one acting according to God's absolute values (in private!) and the other acting according to the society's codes (e.g: maximum profit) which is Satan's way to make us follow his code, his religion instead of God's.

A nickname is not based on the assumption that ALL people are EVIL. It is based on the assumption that SOME people are evil.
If only SOME people are evil, should they make you disappear from the face of the earth! wouldn't that be a victory to THEM ? what about the other SOME that is not evil, why do you deprive them of knowing the real you?
God\'s alternative, USN

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