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Default Nukes at the WTC on 911

A missile struck the WTC moments after the air strike on the South Tower, however false evidence presented by Jack White and Christopher Bollyn, a gif animation titled the Japanese Object, and the lack of smoke or any plume of dust on the NY skyline at the appropriate time, muddied the waters!

As the second jet rammed its target, “that was an explosion,” says Stephen McArdle a tax consultant from inside the Marriot Hotel, he was taping as part of an FBI sting operation, then comes a longer and much louder explosion, the second explosion was the detonation of the missile’s warhead. Greg Smith 2002.

Japanese Object gif - WTC Floor Plan

The above side on view, says the Japanese Object would need to be on an entirely different flight path were it going to impact anywhere near the towers!

Jack White’s 911 Studies.

The demolition wave visible in profile, in the frames at left in Jack White's montage above, means the images were taken at the start of the collapse of the South Tower, at 10:00 am, not at 9:04 as stated.

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