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Christopher Bollyn @ American Free Press: A massive explosion devastated World Trade Center 6, the eight story US Customs building, immediately after United Airlines Flight 175, smashed into the South Tower at about 9:03 am.

AFP Photo caption: The flame in the photos, of the mysterious burning object passing through the South Tower, is almost pure white and leaves a dark trail, is this the burning remnant of a DU penetrator.

Reply: The flaming wreckage Bollyn says might be a DU penetrator, is thought to be an engine, and a brightly burning magnesium wheel rim, part of the landing gear of the plane that struck the ST, which had a different trajectory than the missile, as well the shot above shows, WTC 6 remains undamaged after the collapse of the South Tower!

The gif animation compiled from Evan Fairbanks video, taken in NY on the morning of the attacks, is cropped before the missile, which is on the correct trajectory to cause the gash pictured at ground level east of the North Tower, streaks into view.

That there was minimal smoke and dust attests to the nature of modern armaments.

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