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Paul Laffoley a New York artist and former protege of Andy Warhol, who worked for architectural firm Emory Roth during the WTC design phase, says he witnessed discussion of building explosives into the towers, and says they were what brought Bldg 7 down, the story was the Australian edition of the RD, that was in a dentist's waiting room.

Paul Laffoley is a great American hero, Judas seed NY cops and firedogs who are said to have received between 1.7 and 5 million dollar$ each for their silence, who are now reviled as NY's foulest, should if they wish to redeem themselves, do as he has one and say what they know about the greatest crime of the millennium.

WTC 3, the Marriot Hotel in happier days, Bill Biggert's shot of wreckage from the disintegrating South Tower tumbling onto WTC 3.

Biggert's next shot after the collapse of the South Tower, shows the tremendous damage the building sustained during the collapse of that structure.

After the North Tower collapse only part of the bottom three stories of WTC3 remained, the lobby stayed intact with pictures still hanging on the wall .. Bill Biggert was killed during the collapse of the North Tower, there were reports of armed men and small arms fire maybe he was "taken out!"

The total disappearance of the top nineteen floors of WTC 3 and all except the north wing of WTC 4, the holes in WTC 5, and the massive hole that went right thru to the sub basements of WTC 6 visible in the above pic, were similarly caused by the thermonuclear demo charge tumbling down from the disintegrating towers.

The the Readers Digest ran a story some time around the late 1960's, which said explosives were to be built into the major buildings at the WTC complex to facilitate their eventual controlled demolition.

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