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Default John Edwards' Found Guilty!

Who cares.

What about the banking cartel who approved bad loans for their benefit; made a fortune in interest; said they were bankrupt (NOT!) because of their illegal activity only to have President Obama reward them with bail-out money all funded by the US taxpayers which wasn't a bail-out at all but a BONUS of millions of dollars paid to the executives of these financial institutions who coordinated this criminal activity which forced homeowner's to lose their property due to these bad loans who are now suffering not only because they don't have a place to live, but are most probably unemployed, and the banks who gave these bad loans now own the properties because they foreclosed on them.

What a scam!

Go figure!

Can't figure.

Cause it doesn't figure.

It's criminal activity.

Thanks, Obama.

What a great job you are doing for the banking cartel that controls you and for doing nothing for the American people.

Hail to the chief!

Hey, Chris Matthews.

What say you about this fradulent activity by these financial instutions?

Anything or nothing at all?


I know, Chris, you would rather talk about John Edwards.

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