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Default Re: THE THIRD TRUTH -=- The Book They Will Kill To Keep Out Of Your Hands

There are two possibilities for the appearance of this book. One would be that Mr. Khalezov’s account is a liability to some factors, and therefore a method of debunking his work will begin. It would be naive to believe otherwise.

The second possibility is Mr. Khalezov’s account to have been orchestrated by the same perpetrators of 9/11 to calm down the American people, as the current President did with announcing the “extermination” of Laden, regardless if this actually happened or not.

Under whatever possibility Mr. Khalezov’s account belongs to, I believe that an apology should be given by this gentleman for saying, “How did I react? Honestly - I did not give a shit. Being a Russian, I didn't fancy America that much as you could imagine.”

When people are innocently murdered for the sake of money and power, no whistleblower, no investigator, no reporter, no commentator, no writer, no author, no poet, should forget the innocent.

Nearly 3,000 souls were lost; regardless if they were Chinese, Mongolian, American, British, Russian, Italian, Zimbabwean, they were innocent people. They should be respected, and I believe Mr. Khalezov believes they should be respected; if he did not, he would not be investigating 9/11.

So, he owes these people an apology for saying he did “not give a shit” because he is Russian and these innocent victims were from all around the world, not only America. He can “not give a shit” about American policy; it is well known that the American government is sinister. It would be naďve to think otherwise.

I will end with a quote from J. Hendrix: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”
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