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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

I believe that authentic Christianity and Freemasonry are in opposition to each other. One big red flag was the forbidding of praying in the name of Jesus Christ. This is a commandment that we should pray to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ, whose name is above any other name.

Our Bible says that if we deny the Son of God and all of who He is which is God (the Living God) incarnate or in the form of man. For non-Christians there is no problem because they do not accept what Christ has done for them. But for a believer, to deny who Christ is and to pray and omit the in the name of Jesus is in opposition to what the Bible teaches.

Freemasonry teaches that all of the God's of the different religions in the world are basically the same God. So Christian, Muslim, Buddist or even Satanist strictly speaking would be essentially worshiping the same God. True enough all of the other religions are worshiping the same god, the god of this world, but Christians are praying to the One True and Living God.

Freemasonry teaches that there are certain principles to follow like Hiram Abiff, to reach the Great White throne and enter heaven. By good works and charity. This is opposite from what an authentic Christian believes. A Christian believes that he is privileged to enter heaven for one reason and one reason alone. That is that God in the form of man Jesus Christ paid the penalty once and for all and is the door and THE Way to heaven, that no man will enter except by faith in his finished work. Christians know that good works come from a changed life, not as a way to attain heaven.

Christian pastors have no business involving themselves in secretive and exclusive fraternities, that reject a man with a disability. Jesus spent most of his time on earth with the poor, the sick, the disenfranchised. Everything He did was in the open for all to see. He never spoke of there being any other way to heaven except through Him.

There have been enough ex-masons give testimonies on John Ankerberg and other places who have told enough to make any listening Christian who has been deceived about the true nature of the doctrines of Freemasonry and be seduced by the prideful names and titles they can attain. The praise of mere men becomes more important than pleasing God.

The Bible clearly states that Christians should not take oaths but let their yes be yes and their no be no. These terrible blood oaths taken are Satanic in nature.

I am only talking about Christians, unbelievers are in their element until they come to Christ and they live as their unregenerate hearts tell them to, but a true believer is acting against the Holy Spirit who now lives in them. Due to ignorance or simply that they are only religious and not true born again Christians.
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