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If Obama and Sarah Palin are what is offered up to the American people on a silver platter for our next Presidential election, I say we all pack our bags and move elsewhere.

I am astounded that NO ONE is calling for Obama to FIX the economy.

The numbers say our economy sucks and OBAMA says the numbers are wrong.

The people say our economy sucks, but Obama says the people are wrong.

I say Obama is wrong.

Please, some one tell me.

What has President Obama done for our economy?

Our President bailed out the financial institutions who aided and abetted in creating this economic disaster.

That's about all he has done and it didn't help the American people who are suffering due to this banking SCAM.

It helped the SCAMMERS who perpetrated this FRAUD upon the American people.

So, I say, Obama aided and abetted criminals.

Instead of prosecuting them, they were rewarded with bonuses by our commander in chief and President.

Obama bailed out the BANKSTERS and has done absolutely NOTHING for the American people who suffered at their hands and/or for the economy that has suffered and the rest of our citizens who are suffering due to the economic collapse caused by these robbers!

At war now for 10 years.

That doesn't help either.

Oh, and BTW, bin laden is dead.

So, can our troops come home now so our country can mend or are they merely instruments used by the "global" elitists to further their agenda and not for the purpose of protecting and securing America and her people?

Please GOD!

Bring our troops home and help heal those families who have been broken apart and are grieving due to their loved one's service to the military industrial complex!

In Peace,
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