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Originally Posted by TheSkepticGuy View Post
Odd that. If you have the ability to moderate and/or ban user accounts, you're considered "staff" on every other user-generated venue online.

Although you think you know all about the internet; as I said, I am not a staff member, so, therefore, you have proven yourself to be wrong.

Perhaps a little bit of research would uncover that the ads (as I'm seeing them) are being delivered via DoubleClick, most likely through either Google AdSense or Google's Ad Exchange. Behaviorally-targeted ads from such sources may include campaigns from dozens, even hundreds, of sources and Crowdgather has almost no input on the ads that are delivered to you.

Perhaps, a little less nonsense from you would uncover that since this forum is all against the BANKSTERS, they should not be using GOOGLE generated ads that are pimpin' for the BANKSTERS.


This is in complete opposition of everything that CC is supposed to be about.

Your defense in regard to my to my opposition of this forum's advertisements makes it appear that you are more than a staff member who has no interest in uncovering the truth about our government, but rather more of an interest in receiving financial reward such as the owners of this forum through advertisements.

It can be expensive to operated a web site, every impression delivered costs somebody some money. The only way to continue to deliver a free-to-access web site, other than through altruistic philanthropy, is via advertising.

Sanjay is financially capable of keeping CC up and running without having to pimp for the BANKSTERS.

As a staff member of this web site, I'm sure you have the email address of ownership. Perhaps a private email would have been more effective than a public thread?

Don't advise me how to conduct myself.

(Right now I'm seeing ads for grills at Lowes, which makes sense since I was on their site not long ago searching for grilling accessories.)
You've been banned for harassing the moderator.

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