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Ahmad wrote:
In all conversations regarding world events, you continue to DRAG GOD AND SATAN INTO THE CONVERSATION.

I don't think they deserve that much attention regarding the current state of affairs in our nation and world.

It's like you are saying there is no spiritual battle going on, when there is nothing actually but this spiritual battle between evil and good.

Do you believe in God BA ?
Evil and good does not involve a spiritual battle.

There are evil people in the White House and I don't give a DAMN whether they are spiritual, Christians, Satanists or not!! I don't care who or what causes anyone to be evil!! It is of no importance to me to distinguish why they behave or act as they do!! To blame GOD or SATAN for their motives is to alleviate them of responsibility for their own actions.

You are using GOD and SATAN as scapegoats.

GOD does not direct my ship. I do.

There are evil people who are atheists and good people who are atheists. There are evil people who are Christians and there are evil people who are not.

It doesn't matter your religion or what or whom you believe in.

There is good and evil in the world. PERIOD.

In Peace,

P. S. As I said before, religion and politics are two separate matters. Therefore, I will not engage you in your effort to converse with me regarding my private spiritual and/or religious beliefs.

When the well-being of people all over the world is the issue, we all MUST put our religious beliefs aside and look at the greater cause for all of humanity.

Religion is used politically to divide.

Divide and conquer.

You are being distracted.

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