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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

What possible thing excellent to the Bible does any Christian need to read to find out what living a life for Christ is? As I understand it, the name of Jesus Christ is not allowed in the Lodge meetings. As there is no other Name higher this is a big red flag as to the slow indoctrination to meld all gods into one. Allah is not the same God as the Lord God Almighty. All other religions worship a form of Satan. Authentic Christianity worships the One True God, and is the only "religion" with a Savior and a promise that that Savior is living and wants to live in believers by faith. That our salvation is not attained but received by Grace through faith. There is no need for a secret organization to tell born again Christians where to find the light. The Bible says as believers we have moved from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light. So for a Christian to say I am in darkness is a lie. A lie that must be spoken to be initiated into the Masons. Christ did nothing in the dark, but out in the open. He healed the sick, raised the status of women, and spent most of his time with the poor and needy. His main enemies were people who felt they were earning heaven by their works. In fact it was this group that instigated his murder. However, God used the evil of their hearts to make a way for Salvation to ALL who would come to Him in faith in His Son Jesus Christ. To refuse to name the Name of Jesus Christ in any organization says a lot about the organization. No mature Christian would stay in such an organization. One that makes mere men's opinions more important than the opinion and will of Almighty God. There is no where in scripture that God is called by such a name. This man made name is not the name of God Almighty. The Bible says if you deny Jesus before men, then He will deny you before the Father. This is something that should bring conviction and reverential fear in the hearts of Christian men. So much so that they would disconnect themselves from such and organization.
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