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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA


Thanks for all the links!!

As far as the twin thing, they did tell me I had a twin!!

However, I believe they called it a "look alike" when I was young because the discrediting was taking place then as well.

It was said I was seen in various places and I'd say, I wasn't there and they'd say, well, then, who was it your twin????

So, I believe it's just something they use as a device for CONFUSION!!! or, perhaps, they do have a "look alike" when they really need one!!

Putting doubt in the mind of the victim. Was I really there?

Also, I believe they split one or more of the alters into an evil and a good.

A good twin and a bad twin!!

SO, it can be said, that so and so has two sides.

Like the "Two Faces of Eve."
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