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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

But you've made the assumption that I don't follow the Bible as you have previously said:

Originally Posted by JustTheTruth920 View Post
I am not referring to you then. My concern is for people who are Christians, authentic ones, being sucked in and deceived by the quasi-religious group called the Freemasons.
You have made assumption of which you would have no knowledge of.

I do believe all that I have done I have acheived, but by the good grace of God and how he has guided me in life. I am very thankful for my life as it is something I have almost lost several times; many before I even left my Mother's womb. I praise God for keeping me.

Which is why saying that His very name can't be said in a lodge meeting, which does meet the criteria of what a religion is is a big red flag, it is cult. Look up the definition. It is a false religion. A cult.
We allow men of all faith into our Lodge so we use a generic term so that every man may sit on an equal basis. The individual is important and so is his individual religion. To whom he prays is his own. When we pray I pray to Christ while I know one of my Brothers prays to Allah. It's what is in our heart that counts and God knows who is loyal. I know what a cult is and many things can be called a cult, to include the many, many churches out there. Any group that holds similar ideals can be called a cult, but by what you want the word to mean, Freemasonry is not.

I find it funny in the days where atheists are attacking God left and right, that some zealots find it necessary to attack a group who pushes for faith. You would think they would count us among them, but no, the self righteous hatred drives them to attack others, even those of the same faith. So much for "love one another".

I don't have a high opinion of myself, but I am assure of my knowledge of the Craft and its compatibility with Christianity.

Freemasonry even teaches that it is by the blessings of God that we will be welcome into Heaven.

So you think that "faith, hope, & charity" is wrong? You think "brotherly love, relief, & truth" is wrong? You think that the virtues "temperance, fortitude, prudence, & justice" is wrong?

I've never said that only Freemasons are charitable. Before I joined I was a long time donator to the Red Cross, homeless shelters, and the ACS. Freemasonry doesn't reward you with titles for just giving money. You must earn your place through the Lodge and all of Freemasonry. It teaches that your actions should be selfless and for good, not for sinister, ulterior, or mercenary motive. Freemasonry gives millions a day to charitable work, never asking for anything in return, as it should be.

This exclusiveness is simply pride.
By your words prior, isn't heaven "exclusive"?

I didn't join to gain some "secret knowledge". Nor do we say we're the only place to gain any enlightenment. I joined out of historical interest and as well I enjoy being a part of philanthropic organizations. Our meetings are not some meeting place of NWO planning. Our meetings are not that exciting.

Many of what has been "revealed" I have long proven as a lie.

I don't believe, nor should any Mason believe, that I will gain entry to Heaven by my acts in Freemasonry. Freemasonry doesn't teach that in any way. I didn't join Freemasonry to try and gain a free pass into Heaven. If you think that Freemasons believe we'll go to heaven for simply being members then you have a horrible misconceived knowledge of Freemasonry.

If freely given worthiness given by Christ to you, almost turned you away from church, then I feel sorry for you.
Like I said, I walked away from the church, not Christ. I don't need some preacher to tell me how to be good or how to define my relationship with Christ.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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