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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

Originally Posted by JustTheTruth920 View Post
If all of this is true then why is religious freedom suppressed in lodge meetings as well as freedom of speech??
I have explained this already to you.

Originally Posted by JustTheTruth920 View Post
The oaths taken by Masons is far and away different that taking an oath of office. They are taken in secret, not in the open for one thing.
Who is the one interpreting the Bible for their own sake now? The Bible doesn't say whether the oaths be in secret or not, nor do they make any differentiations between what kind of oaths are good and bad.

Originally Posted by JustTheTruth920 View Post
I have never heard of the Lion's Club or Civitan etc forbidding praying in the Name of Jesus either, in fact I have been to a meeting where I was a guest, in one of these meetings. It was in the open, no big secretive deal.
You know there is a big difference. But it is typical to make it appear to be the same. It is not. You know it, and I know it.
That's awesome for the Lion's Club. I've been to their meetings as well as Kiwanis. Here's the big thing though, as free citizens we are allowed to assemble as we wish.
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