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Arrow Re: Einstein vs Tesla - a good article explaining the flunky vs the true genius

Funny! I have been preaching these physics since I had an NDE (Near Death Experience) at age 11 in 1969. Though worded different due to never having a higher math or physic's education I have written to Kip Thorn, Hawking and numerous other thinkers and physicist's to tell them "What I saw" they all ask for the math!

If you can get past the feeling that I'm just some nut pulling this our of my black hole, please read this and tell me if you understand what I am trying to say with my limited use of subject vocabulary.

I feel like a sighted man in blind world telling them all how a golf ball sliced in mid air and curved right! and they don't believe me as they look down field with their canes and fingers for weeks probing for the lost ball.

The universe is like Kip Thorne suggests spaced in intervals that coexist. In (My) theory creating a special electromagnetic field to surround say a space craft could allow the space craft to enter the larger more powerful universe and seemingly violate our law's of physic's such as our speed of light. When it exited the field and returned it would have traveled a vast distance with negative time past. I don't remember about passing to equivalent universes or "Parallel Universes?"

The weird part of the equation is that when Universes can no longer maintain their interval designation by loss of (Unknown name of grand unification element) it pops into a smaller, slower, less energetic space. It has slightly too much energy (?) to be stable so it blows up expending just enough to be stable in this interval. it then spreads out and starts the process again. The weird part is is ends up back in the relatively same interval it was when it was larger. So how does it grow as it shrinks?

My memory of Gravity was sort of like a giant enclosure of ping pong balls under pressure and a vacuum while vibrating, drop a foreign larger object in and they place an even and extended force upon it trying to squeeze it out, put another in and it tries to squeeze them together and out, the objects don't fit the perfect symmetry of the tank of ping pong balls (Dark Matter?). Sorry bad description. But maybe you get it?

and yes I had brain damage from my NDE 15 minutes of flat line will do that. I have been remembering all that I can and re-bridging ever since. I have still never taken a physic's class but I have had great conversations with math and physics instructors at the College where I am employed, and email correspondence with some named ones or their interns. Someday, someone will discover this process and say hey! That crazy guy said this but in layman's terms.

I loved the article and I get what Tesla meant. I just don't think many others see past the laws they are accustomed to, they need to see the relationship of time and space intervals.
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