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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

I, too, believe that songs and consumer products can and are being used in programming as triggers or codes. Consider Steely Dan's "Josie", and Bad Company's "Shooting Star". Also, the deja vu style of commercials for Doublemint Gum is more than coincidence.
If you are taking a kind of psychological inventory of yourself, try being aware of when intruding thoughts or images tend to occur. It is usually when you switch from internal to external activity. For instance, I'm thinking creatively about a new way to cook a steak; I'm using internal imagery and internal dialogue to form a new recipie. My alpha waves are probably dominant at this point. As I come out of this reverie and back to my senses, so to speak, it is like waking from a light trance. This is usually when the "programmed" thoughts and images reveal themselves. We can have the ultimate control of our own thoughts and emotions, despite the many roadblocks or speedbumps that we encounter.
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