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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post

1. Enterred Apprentice 2. Fellowcraft 3. Master Mason 4. Mark Master 5. Past Master 6. Most Excellent Master (I know) 7. Royal Arch Mason 8. Royal Master 9. Select Master 10. Order of the Red Cross 11. Order of Malta 12. Order of the Temple 13. Order of the Knight of York 14. Order of the Eastern Star 15. Order of the High Priesthood (a body that has no priestly duties but rather commemorates the HPs of the Bible; High Priest is the name of the officer of the Royal Arch degree).
Sorry, dude, but what you've posted aren't oaths.

You've merely named various branches and degress within the Freemasonry cult.

I suggest you try again.
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