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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
I'd only show up under another name if you banned me and unless I made it clear who I was you wouldn't realize it was me.

No, secret societies hide their meeting location and who their members our. We don't. We're a private organization who has secrets.
Dude, do you seriously think that a member of this forum has to make it clear to the moderator that they are one and the same otherwise we are too stupid to know?

How many members of this forum do you think have come before you under different usernames that were banned by me because I knew they were one and the same?

We have our ways, KSigMason, so, if and when I ban you and you return under another username, rest assured, that whether you make it clear to me or not, I'll know that it is you and you'll be banned again.

Let me clarify for you since you seem to be confused.

Any society that hides their membership; their meeting locations and has secrets is a secret society.

FREEMASONRY is a secret society.

You are a member of a secret society; hence, the reason you cannot make public the 15 oaths; because they are secret to the secret society of Freemasonry of which you are a member.

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