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Default Re: Lies Of "Mass Destruction" - LMDs

Oh, yes, it's incredible how LOW Bush's numbers were and then magically head to head with Kerry before the election and then BINGO, he's in!!

They FIX the elections just as they rise to power those they want UNDER THEIR CONTROL!!!

No, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out, but we're all not genius' and many are still wandering around in a daze/fog completely committed to their party (RepubliCONS) through the one issue, one vote (abortion, etc.) mandate.

Don't put your money on anything yet!!!

The election is light years away!!! and I'm sure they have plenty of tricks up their sleeve.

People have a way of forgetting over time and they are masters when it comes to plotting and planning.

Impeachment is the only way to rid our country of the dictators who are sucking us dry!!!
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