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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
I posted the degrees they belonged to, but I will not post the wording as that would make me a liar, and I am not a liar. I find it speaks much of someone's character when they want someone to break their word, their fidelity, in self interest.
Look, dude.

You say Freemasonry is not a secret society, but there are 15th oaths you cannot reveal to the public.

Posting the 15 oaths would make you a liar to no one other than the secret society to which you belong.

Your oath to keep secrets is between you and your Freemasonry brotherhood and not society at large.

Are we clear?

I feel it speaks to someone's character when they post on this forum about the secret society to which they belong; can't reveal the secrets and deny that they belong to a secret society all in their own self-interest.

Oh, yeah.

Boo, hoo.

I'm asking you to break your word.

Forgoodnesssakes, that truly speaks to the dispicable person that I am.

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