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Default Re: Are the words "Gods" and "Aliens" synonymous

I believe aliens/Reptilians will be the coming of our judgement day in 2012. We were made in their image. But vulnerable, and less intelligent. Like the Bible says, evolution is a joke. Maybe so, maybe the aliens genetically engineered a breed (humans) from monkeys, our closest relative on this planet. I believe we were their slaves for awhile also, explain the pyramids. They are so perfect, and symmetrical, and HOW OLD? Aliens/Reptilians must have helped us. We couldnt have aligned it perfectly with Orion's belt either. We had help. Then look at the stories inside the pyramid, you were classified by rank by the mass of ur head, i think we mated with the aliens and created pharoahs, kings of the land swept up by the human desire for greed and lust that lead them to their ultimate death. Think about it, tools, lanuage, rules, society, we didnt just randomly come up with it. Gods came from the sky, will bring the world to a fiery demise, the moon will go blood red, they sent us messages and protected the unsinful (jesus, noah, etc.). They gave us powers and tools, first being fire. The spark of war among mankind. I agree with you there, like a nurturing mother. They left us with the house for the day, and look what we have done with it? demolished it. December 21st, 2012, i believe they are coming back for a checkup, and we will be punished. Judgement day. I also agree with how we were such a primitive race that we did not have to correct vocabulary of describing these awe inspiring entity visits, that we called them gods. worshipped them, prayed to them. Thats changed as well, we have gotten smarter, angrier and more prepared for war, and unfaithful, disloyal. Were not going to have a happy ending. God is an extraterrestrial, he sits in the clouds above and watches over us, once upon a time delivering messages and gifts or instruments (tools, language, organization, etc.). I believe the meaning of our life was to serve them, do their bidding, God's will. We were supposed to be the care takers of this planet when they turned their heads the other way. We have not done our duty, we have failed as a race. They will either exterminate us, punish us, keep the good ones and reform them maybe. That is what judgement day is about, the end of the world as we know it. Pray for your sins and repent in hope for forgiveness in 2012. If nothing happens, its better to be safe than sorry.
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