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Default Re: Warning. Above Top Secret is a CIA/Freemason front!

EDIT - I want to just add this is not a continuation, I found this thread doing a google search for similar things, and found it a good read, till I saw Alien mentioned and it struck a nerve. If this post deserves deletion, I apologise. If it can stay however, it will not be followed up by me - I just have had it with their justifications and self professed cool attitude..... get in on the rong side of the 'in click' and you're the plebs of banhammer lore.

Originally Posted by TheSkepticGuy View Post
Actually, our senior staff-member, "Alien," attempted to work with you extensively regarding your misunderstanding the rather simple rules of decorum. Unfortunately, it seems as though you refused to accept his explanations.
Alien is one of the worst.

I've given up on ATS after years of bending over backwards supporting you guys from the attacks you consistently get - you let so much riff raff in that spill so much offal that when someone finally gets a gut full, We're the ones post banned. And well, Alien, did NOT respond once to me.

So as I told Alien, best of luck to you 3, but as for the rest of ATS - foad.

As all the decent members have left because of the low content providers you r prefer to keep, it became more and more pointless to have any allegiance to what was the best CT site.

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