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Exclamation Re: Reptilians Amongst Us?

Originally Posted by joshua17 View Post
I believe in the reptilian race. On the news a few years back, an ex fed agent was on his deathbed and told his son how he missed out on alot of his life because he was underground fighting lizard people. Its crazy, they are all powerful, and will be the coming of our judgement day in 2012. They are coming, i can feel it. We were made in their image. But vulnerable, and less intelligent. I believe we were their slaves for awhile, explain the pyramids. They are so perfect, and symmetrical, and HOW OLD? Aliens/Reptilians must have helped us. We couldnt have aligned it perfectly with Orion's belt either. We had help. Then look at the stories inside the pyramid, you were classified by rank by the mass of ur head, i think we mated with the aliens and created pharoahs, kings of the land swept up by the human desire for greed and lust that lead them to their ultimate death. Think about it, tools, lanuage, rules, society, we didnt just randomly come up with it. And like the Bible says, evolution is a joke. Maybe so, maybe the aliens genetically engineered a breed (humans) from monkeys, our closest relative on this planet.
It anyone takes the time to go beyond the watching the local TV news and does some true RESEARCH it's clear that reptilians do exist and play a large role in our history.
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