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Default Re: The Movie

Well, I'm fairly new here..

I only joined yesterday..

'Though I do have some writing background, actually..

And I do have some background in the performing arts..

And I am a fine artist..who has done theatre in the past..etc.

And we do know some producers in the Christian film industry..through some previous business acquaintance..

And well..


I have done some broadcasting too..and sing as well..

The perspective would mean a lot. It would determine who you could get support and funding from, and not..

The man we knew in Arizona did productions with a Christian theme and flavor..mostly for evangelistic purposes..I think he did one Bill Baldwin vehicle but not sure..

The theme would need to be redemptive I'd think and not just informative to fly..

Gathering artists and writers of FAITH would not be a problem I'd forsee. I don't know how personally committed I could be if at all. My Husband and I would need to pray on it. But it does seem like a good idea. :lol: Just MHO

That's interesting I was just saying to my Husband the other day I wish I had a screenplay to write..

"I imagine that they are all arrested and tortured at that point"

Uhm..not necessarily ..or all..

P.S. If you peppered the music with Keith Green I might think on this more strongly
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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