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Default MT Meets Der Führer

Melbourne Australia June 21, 1965 after recently joining the Australian Army, and having been located at the Balcombe camp on the Mornington Peninsular, one decided to venture into the city at the first opportunity, hitchhiking all the way to Flinders Street station I hit town at about 9:00 am.

Straight down the main drag as far as the museum and doing a quick five minute in and out, before heading back onto the main street and going right at the same corner, then along a couple city blocks to turn hard right and proceed along the footpath at the next major intersection.

A crew was filming from the other side of Brunswick street, a party ahead consisted of Adolf Hitler in a wheelchair done up to the nines in a silk suit and hat with Eva Braun who took my photograph.

And a tall athletically built male person identified in that day's edition of the Melbourne Age, as a retainer whose combined duty was body guard and Eva's lover man, I straightened out when I marched by and gave her my best smile, H beamed back.

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