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Default Re: 2012 whats gonna happen?

More screwed up yes, it's also a pivotal time of change thanks in large part to the internet. A global economy in it's infancy and people aware about global issues I wouldn't expect miricules in 20 years. 2012 though was just a prediction from an interpretation of the Mayan calendar which for all we know they ran out of will or paper to continue writing it out. In reference to Biblical prophesy it states that the son "Jesus" would not even know the time that this would happen only the father. Not my book so I'm not going into the holy trinity thing, not my problem So basically, anyone who predicts a date for the world ending will be wrong Scripturely so then if we all pick a day for the end times then theoretically the world will never end. Anywho, I'm going to lay out some land mines in case a theif comes in the night.
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